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We are translating science with clear, inclusive visuals to empower humans to understand our world better.


"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

– W.B. Yeats

Who are we?

Spark Life Science Visuals is a collective of talents in illustration, editorial, project management, and art development with 16+ years of experience together visually communicating science for digital, interactive and print projects. Our team consists of seasoned and accomplished professionals, uniting with the desire to create stunning content that will expand science literacy for years to come.

We are industry experts in higher education life science visuals whose talented contributions you can see across multiple disciplines in many of the most successful and acclaimed life science texts published in the last two decades. 

We have worked with publishers such as Pearson Higher Education, W.W.Norton, Wiley, MacMillan Learning and McGraw Hill. Our member’s unparalleled creative and content expertise can be seen in Elaine Marieb’s series of Human Anatomy & Physiology titles, Jay Withgott's Environmental Science series  and Michael T. Madigan's Brock Biology of Microorganisms


Some of the many titles we were honoured to work on include Erin C. Amerman's Human Anatomy & Physiology, James Morris Biology: How Life WorksLourdes P. Norman-McKay's Microbiology, and Roger Miesfeld's BiochemistryWe carried out art direction and editorial services and created entirely new illustrations for their first editions.


Keith L. Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy (7e) was a complete overhaul of the art to improve anatomical accuracy and a unified colour palette and saw significant contributions and efforts from us in content and style development before its successful publication and launch into the educational marketplace.


Our involvement in the first edition of James J. Gross's Interactive Psychology was a proud first. We created the illustrations for immersive interactive learning modules that are aiming to improve a student's learning experience.


Contact us today and let the talented and experienced team at Spark bring your unique vision to life!

Alicia Elliott

Creative Director  & Scientific Illustrator


About Me

My passion for science and art began 16 years ago with a seven-year journey as a medical and scientific illustrator. With that experience in tow, I moved forward to become a life science creative director and project manager for higher education texts.
My experience ranges from countless 2D life science illustrations for print, digital and interactive platforms, book cover art, 2D animation, creating training best practices, managing and art directing art programs for over 50 life science titles for North America’s largest publishers. I am excited to keep learning new ways to enhance my contribution of communicating science visually, whether making our art more inclusive or exploring the possibilities of interactives. Learning never stops.


What I do for fun

You can usually find me curled up with a good book and my cat Sophie on my lap in my downtime. I love making cookies and painting art onto their fondant tops with my daughter Maija. Delicious art that is too tempting not to eat! Refinishing old furniture is also another hobby of mine.

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